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17 January 2012

More about Ignacio Trujillo, born 1817

Yesterday, I published an ahnentafel table for one of my mother's second great-grandfathers, Igancio Trujillo. I thought I might add a little more information about this man.

Ignacio was one of the children of at least eight children of Juan Antonio Trujillo and Juliana Silva. This family was enumerated in the 1833 Mexican census of San Miguel del Socorro:

(Married) Juan Antonio TRUGILLO        38
                 Juliana SILVA                         32
                 Jose TRUGILLO                     18
                 Ygnacio                                    16
                  Miguel                                     14
                  Maria Josefa                            12
                  Maria Guadalupe                      8
                 Ysabel                                        6
                 Santiago                                     4
                 Juana Maria                               2

From this census record, we can figure out that Ignacio was born circa 1817.

When he was about 30 years old, Ignacio Trujillo married Maria Josefa Silbestra Pino on 28 February 1847 at the San Miguel Church in Socorro, New Mexico. She was the daughter of Jose Pino and Barbara Chaves. Josefa Silbestra was born about 2 January 1828 in Belen, New Mexico.

Ignacio and Josefa Silbestra had at least two children:

1. Maria Albina Trujillo, born 1 March 1863 in Valverde, New Mexico

2. Maximiliano Emilio Trujillo, husband of Veronica Baca

Maria Albina Trujillo was my mom's great-grandmother. Albina married Santiago Padilla on 25 November 1878 at San Miguel Church in Socorro, New Mexico. Santiago Padilla and Maria Albina Trujillo were the maternal grandparents of my maternal grandfather, Santiago Baca. It appears that my grandfather Santiago Baca may have been named after his grandfather Santiago Padilla.


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