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30 April 2011

Looking for a Spanish translator

My Spanish is not very good. Which is a problem because I have a few documents which I wish to translate.

I don't have a whole lot of money, but I would be happy to barter. If you can translate 18th and 19th Century New Mexico Spanish into English, I would trade for research hours. I can research on; New Mexico baptismal, marriage and burial records; Spanish Archives records; New Mexico newspapers; New Mexico death certificates prior to 1940; and other records pertaining to New Mexico. I'd be happy to copy any of these records as a PDF or JPEG and email them to you - or create a family history report for you.

I have two documents that I wish to translate: the first one is from the Spanish Archives of New Mexico, is from 1727 and is 14 pages long. Below is a JPEG of the the first page of the document. Click on the document to see if you can translate it.

The second record is a transfer of land from 1841. It's only two pages long.

I can send you PDF files for both documents.

If you think that you can help me out on this, send me an email at Thanks.

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