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28 November 2010

Socorro Fire Co. Fire Dept. - 1891

Today I've been doing some research on Socorro, specifically about Candelario Garcia, a political figure in the mid to late 19th century. I found this reference to Socorro County's fire department in the Insurance Yearbook: Fire and Marine, Volume 19 (1891):

Socorro, Socorro Co., population 2500; fire area 1/2sq mile; mercantile buildings, brick and adobe, 1 and 2 stories; no fireworks ordinance. Fire department – 1 hose carriage; hose rubber good 500 ft; value of fire department equipment $1000; total membership 25, volunteer; bell alarm. Catarino Cortanes.

Water Supply- Source, springs; system, gravity; reservoir cap 500,000 gals; 25 hydrants, Ludlow; pipe 6 miles, 2 to 10 in dia; 15 valves, Ludlow; pressure 65 pounds; cost to construct $30,000; ann expenses $1000; in on bonds $1800. Supt, R. W Monroe; mayor, Candelario Garcia; city clerk, Abram Abeita.

Click on this link to read this book online.

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