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06 August 2010

Pieces to the Puzzle: Torres and Trujillo

Every few weeks or so I check the Torres Family NM Genealogy and Family History Blog. Every time it's like opening up a present. My cousin Maurine is always posting new and fascinating information about our Torres (and occassionally our Trujillo) families. Here are a few articles that she posted in the past few weeks:

* 1860 Trujillos - The family of Maria Andrea Trujillo, wife of Jose Crespin Torres. 1860 Census record for Andrea's parents, the family of Jose and Dolores (Marquez) Trujillo and a military pension application for her brother Juan Julian Trujillo.

*Zooming in on Family - Shows Crespin and Andrea Torres' 50th Wedding Anniversary photo that I've profiled before on my blog. This post is a teaser for the next four articles on the Torres Blog:

* Family Puzzle 1, Family Puzzle 2 and Family Puzzle 3 - These three posts identify and describe each family member in the 50th Annivesary photo.

* Family Puzzle 4 - Explains why Jose T. Torres' family were not in the photo.

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