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16 January 2010

Baca cousin writes article about his roots

Edward Baca, one of my dad's cousins, wrote an article in the Dallas Morning News about his family. Coincidentally, he is also related to me through my mom's side. His mother was my maternal grandmother's first cousin.

In the article, he talks about his three great-grandfathers who were posted at Ft. Craig: Philip Bourguignon, Samuel Zimmerly, and Richard Stackpole. Bourguignon and Zimmerly are my 2nd great grandfathers; Stackpole is not related to me.

He also writes about other ancestors, including Cristobal Baca and Cristobal de Torres. It's a really good article. Read it by clicking on the link below.

Edward Baca of East Dallas: My roots help me better appreciate how different cultures can mix News for Dallas, Texas Dallas Morning News Opinion: Viewpoints

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Anonymous said...

To Mr. Baca (on his article in the Dallas Morning News):
My name is Edna Telles-Martinez and I live in Albuquerque. I'm always interested when I hear of people with whom I have common ancestry. My paternal great-grandmother was Ma. Petra de la Soledad Baca (a direct decendent of Cristobal Baca) born 1853, in San Juan/Ojo Caliente area. My maternal gr-gr-grandmother, Maria Eugenia Torres is a decendent of Cristobal de Torres (whose grandson, Diego de Torres was among 30 recipients of the Belen Land Grant in central NM). She married Jose Francisco Chavez, my mother's gr-grandfather. There's some incredible history among the Torres and Baca clans of NM. Thank you for sharing yours.
E. Telles-Martinez,