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20 June 2009

It really was a family reunion!

Today I went to El Rancho de Las Golondrinas for a family reunion. I went there as a representative of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. It was not until I was there that I found out that it was truely a family reunion: I am the 7th great-grandson of Miguel Jose Laso Vega y Coca, the founder of the ranch!

I found a few very distant cousins out there, including one woman who turned up being my 6th cousins, twice removed. If I had known this ahead of time, I would have set up some charts showing my descendancy. The good thing is that they will probably have another reunion next year.

For more information about Miguel Vega y Coca, read the article from David Pikes' Roadside History of New Mexico.

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DianaR said...

How cool! That's one of my favorite parts of genealogy - finding relatives I didn't know I had...even if they are 6th cousins :-)