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16 December 2008

Who are You? I Really Want to Know.

The post below is a entry for the 9th Edition of Smile for the Camera - A Carnival of Images. The post is titled "Who are You - I Really Want to Know?"

As they say on T.V., this is an encore presentation. I posted the following photos in September of this year. If you know who these people are, please post a comment on this blog or send me an E-mail at

A couple of years ago, my uncle gave me the photo below:

He didn't know who the people in the photo were. They may be from our family (Baca, Bourguinon, Torres, Trujillo), or may be from his late wife's family (Peralta, or other families.) The family is probably from the Socorro, New Mexico area.

Based on clothing styles, it appears that this photo was taken in the early 1900s, possible as late as the late 1910s. I used a great book called "Dating Old Photographs: 1840-1929" to figure this out.


Anita, one of my readers, sent me the two photos below:

She says this about the photos:

Here are a few photos that I'm curious about. This is from my grandmother's collection. My grandmother's name is Maria Gumecinda Gonzales (1905-1995) her husband my grandfather was Jesus Eleodoro Gomez (1910-1986), Grandma was born in Sanchez, lived in Sabinoso in 1910 and grandpa was born in Montoya, then lived in Chaperito. They married about 1931 then spent most of their adult lives in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I'm guessing these men are relatives or friends of theirs.

I don't know who the little girl is possibly a relative or friend of the parents of grandma Gumecinda Gonzales. They were Clemencia "Lujana" Lujan (b 1865) and Anselmo Gonzales (b 1858). My records show that some of the villages and areas they lived in were, Sabinoso, Sapello, Tecolote, & Trujillo.

I'll send more information about the antique photo after I get it scanned,it's packed away, I'm sure the little girl's last name is Gallegos, which is on the back of the photo.


Judith Richards Shubert said...

Although I cannot help you identify the people in these photographs, I enjoyed your post. The clothing worn by them is so very interesting. I need to find that book you're referring to about dating photos. Love the way the ladies and the little boy in the 1st picture have their hands on their hips.

wendy said...

Sorry I can't help but I wanted to say that the dress worn in the last photo reminds me of a christening gown.