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08 November 2008

Looking for Zimmerly Family Pictures

This summer, I did a presentation for the New Mexico Genealogical Society on the Zimmerly family of Socorro, New Mexico. After the presentation, I promised a number of people that I would write an article about the info I presented. The problem is that I hadn't finished my research, (when do we EVER finish our research) and left out many of the citations in the manuscript that I used for the speech. Since then, I've been extremely busy and have not been able to finish the article.

Well, I hope to start it up again soon. Since the editor of the New Mexico Genealogist asked me to publish it in that journal, I will probably do that instead of distributing the article independently. What I would like, though, is to have photos to go with the article.

I have photos of my 2nd great-grandparents Samuel and Paubla (Torres) Zimmerly, and their youngest son Esteban and his wife Delfina (Torres) Zimmerly. What I would like is to do is get photos of Esteban's siblings and their spouses. Their names are:

* Juan Jose Zimmerly, born 14 January 1868, died 20 March 1916. Married Isabel Torres on 8 February 1888 in Socorro, New Mexico.

* Gertrudes Zimmerly, born 1 June 1871, died 6 September 1920. Married Herminio Torres on 1 Nobember 1889 in Socorro, New Mexico.

* Ricardo Zimmerly, born 6 May 1876. Married Eloisa Stackpole on 26 February 1900.

* Maria Dolores Zimmerly, born 3 March 1881, died 18 Sepember 1947. Married Ricardo Abeyta on 31 March 1902 in Socorro, New Mexico. She may have also been known as "Lola", since that is a common diminutive of "Dolores".

* Teresa Zimmerly, born 24 September 1884, died 7 October 1865. Married Jose Estanislado Miera on 28 May 1906 in Socorro, New Mexico.

If you have photos of any of these people that you wish to share, please send them to me via Email at Please give me permission to put them in my article, as well as on this blog. If you have any questions, please send me an Email and ask.


Robert J. C. Baca

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