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16 April 2008

Jose Estanislas Miera - Husband of Teresa Zimmerly

Jose Estanislas Miera was my great, great uncle by marriage. He was married to Maria Teresa Zimmerly, the sister of my great grandfather Estevan Zimmerly.

On 12 September 1918, J.E. Miera filled out a World War I registration card. The card indicated that he was born on 8 August 1884. He was a clerk at the A.H. Hilton Mercantile Co. (A. H. Hilton was the father of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton.) He listed his nearest relative as his wife, Terezita Z. Miera. He was of medium height and build, and he had brown eyes and black hair. He was not obviously disqualified for military service due to physical disabilities.

I found this document on the website on 15 April 2008. Click on the picture above to get a better look at the registration card.

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