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25 March 2010

Crespin Torres and his children in the 1930 US Census

My cousin Maurine Pool recently posted an article on "The Torres Family NM Genealogy and History Blog" about my 2nd great grandfather Crespin Torres and his children as they were found in the 1930 United States census. It's a great article because it often mentions the actual street that these family members lived.

Ignacio Torres was my great-grandfather.

If you wish to read the actual article, click on this link.

Below is the article as I transfered it to this blog:

Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:44:00 +0000
U.S. Census

While we're filling out 2010 census forms, let's take a moment to look back at our Torres Family relatives in 1930. That's the most recent U.S. Census data available for viewing. The public will get access to the 1940 census in April 2012, which is exactly 72 years from the official census date (to protect individuals' privacy -- although many people live long past age 72). See who lived where then:
  • Ignacio Torres lived in Socorro with his wife Andreita and children Jose, Teresita, Margaret and Anastacio. Also in the household was his stepdaughter Manuelita and her husband Pantaleon and their two daughters. On top of that, Ignacio's household included wife Andreita's first mother-in-law Juana Marquez and Juana's grown daughter Nestora.
  • Guadalupe Olguin and her husband Tomas lived in Val Verde, Socorro County with children Tersila, Rosela, Jose de la Cruz and Crespiniano.
  • Dolores Stapleton and her husband Vivian Stapleton lived on Mt. Carmel Avenue in Socorro, three doors down from her brother Rogerio.
  • Rogerio and his wife Clara lived on Mt. Carmel Avenue with Annie, Rogerio, Clara, Frances, Della, and another daughter, who is still living.
  • Jose Torres and his wife Josefa live on Anna Street in Fresno, California, with their five children, three of whom are still living. Also living in the home was Jose's stepson Benny and his wife Monica.
  • Apolonio Torres and his wife Aurora lived on San Pedro Street in Los Angeles with children Luis, John, Nestor, Josephine and Clarence. Son Max and his wife Rita lived nearby.
  • Living on Vallejo Street in Los Angeles were widow Domitila Sanchez with her sons Henry, Crespin, Joe and Joe's wife and son. Also living there that April was her father, Crespin Torres, 82. (See previous post). Other grown children of Domitila's lived in New Mexico.
  • Juan Jose Montoya, the only survivor of Monica Montoya, was living in Tucson, Arizona on Contzen Street with his wife Sara and three sons, two of whom are living.
Note: Incorrect census spellings have been corrected for this post.
Individual photos taken between early 1900s to early 1940s

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